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Why Product Demonstration acts as a great sales tool?

Tell your customers about a product and they will remember it for some time but when you show them the features of a product and inform them how they can actually benefit from the product, the message is retained in their minds for a longer time.
A great product demonstration involves customers, educates them about the product and convinces them about how buying the product can benefit them. Merchandising companies across the world are using product demonstration and shopping centre promotions to attract and entice customers. The idea is to induce prospective customers to buy a new product or improved version of an existing product.
Some of the benefits of a great demonstration or shopping centre promotion include: Creating interest about the productAddress queries and concerns of prospectsGive a sense of ownership to prospects by involving the five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Conducting a flawless product demonstration is not as simple as it may seem. Standing in fr…