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How to successfully conduct a product demonstration?

The product demonstration proves its metal over all other promotional and sales tool. However its success can be foreseen only if it is conducted in the most effective manner.

No matter if it is done on the roadside or it is made part of shopping center promotions the way it is organised and put forward will decide its forcefulness.

Here are few tips to organise and conduct a flawless demonstration at merchandising companies’ partners:
A Tailor made approach:  The demonstrator must not forget that every customer is different with unique perspective and expectations. One must always ask about customer’s specifications and then shall put forward the product as to make it look like an ultimate product for them. This can only be done if a logical and practical sync is attained between the needs and the benefits product promises.Bring in the real time customers: It has been rightly said that the word of mouth is one of most trusted source of reviews. And when word of mouth is coupled with l…