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ADC: All about Product Demonstrations & shopping centre promotions in Australia

Want to get your brand into the market? Shopping centre promotions are a great way to take your brand’s new or improved products straight to the hands of the potential customers. For effective promotions you need enthusiastic and reliable staff who can aptly represent your brand. They should be smart & outgoing, knowing how to lure prospects into buying a product.

The idea is to attract customers and shopping centre promotions are carried out by organising various interesting events as competitions, raffles, free gifts with purchase, discount coupons, interactive shows and so on. The ultimate aim is to drive customers to your store.

Merchandising companies also use product demonstrations when it comes to showcasing products to clients. An effective product demonstration can effectively engage visitors and inform them about the unique selling features of a product. Product demonstrations form an integral part of promotions and score as they involve all the five senses …