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How ADC Helps Merchandising Companies

Merchandising companies are always on the lookout for different ways of promoting their products and services, whether it is a newly launched one or one that has already been there for a while. There are many different channels of marketing now, more than ever before, from digital marketing and social media marketing to the age-old print and electronic media marketing as well as the ever ubiquitous billboards. However, there is one form of marketing that has stood the test of time on account of its efficiency and proven success-and that is shopping center promotions.

How does a product demonstration help merchandising companies?

A product demonstration can be conducted for a wide variety of products in different categories, whether it is for the beauty and cosmetics industry or the food and beverages industry or even for the electronics appliances industry. Product demonstrations give the customers a first-hand view of what a product feels like, tastes like, looks like, or how it works.…

Product Demonstrations From The Experts

Merchandising companies in Australia, whether start-ups or well-established one's, have long since known and experienced the benefits of shopping center promotions that market their product, whether it is a food and beverage product or an electronics consumer product, or anything in between. From statistics to the actual business revenue reports, they can see how people respond positively to a product demonstration, which results in greater sales for that particular product. It doesn’t matter if a product has been languishing on the shelves for ages, but you can rest assured that it will be revived and sales will spike after a product demonstration by a professional company is done.

ADC Demos specializes in professional product demonstrations that make a difference to the product, the brand, and the company. They have been  serving the retail industry in Australia for many years, successfully delivering wonderful results for each and every brand they have worked with. Whether it i…

Product Demonstrations That Work Wonders For Your Business

A product demonstration is one of the most effective ways that merchandising companies all over the world use to market their products or promote their brand. The very act and process of demonstrating a product to the target audience through a trained person help to break down the barriers that may exist between potential customers and an unfamiliar product. Even in a world that is awash with many other marketing techniques and strategies, a well-designed and executed product demonstration is still one of the most successful ways to get people to overcome their hesitation and buy the product.

ADC has proved its mettle in this field by successfully executing a wide range of demonstrations for companies spanning a diverse spectrum of industry verticals. From multinational companies to startups, businesses have benefited from the alluring and effective demonstrations designed by ADC. These demonstrations have been showcased everywhere from high-end boutique malls to the nex…

ADC Demos making shopping experience more exciting

Australian Demonstration Company popularly known as ADC Demos is a company having its base in Australia, mainly known for promoting products that are manufactured in Australia. The main services that are provided by ADC Demos include merchandising of products, product demonstration, food sampling and demonstration, shopping centre promotion as well as direct marketing of products. The team members of ADC demos are highly efficient and are expert in providing product demonstration strategies that are unique in nature and that will help in attracting more number of customers towards any particular product. The team members are capable enough in understanding the importance as well as uniqueness of all the products and thus offer solutions that are effective in nature.

The most important service offered by the ADC Demos is the product demonstration. A proper and innovative product demonstration can help in attracting more number of targeted audiences towards the product. The new technol…

Product demonstration helping in attracting more clients

Merchandising is basically promoting and planning for the sales of different products by displaying the products in such a way that it attracts more number of customers. Advertising of the products plays a vital role in the merchandising activity. The activity also includes planning of the marketing strategies, various displaying designs and techniques, discount offers as well as presenting of any particular good at a relevant time in the market so as to attract more number of customers. The biggest difficulty that is normally faced by the merchandising companies is to capture the market so as to attract the customers to buy the new launched products. In many situations after spending a good amount of money for the promotional activities as well as attractive advertisements some products face trouble in finding a suitable place in the market and the sales of the products so not get projected. In such cases the next big decision of the merchandising companies is to find a more suitabl…

Product Demonstrations That Make a Difference

Merchandising companies often find themselves struggling to revive sales for a product or to entice customers to buy a newly launched product. They might find that even after investing a great deal in all kinds of promotional activities, from advertisements in print and electronic media to social media and digital forms of marketing, there is still a slump in sales or sales aren’t growing as projected. In scenarios like this, it is but natural to wonder what would be the next best step to get customers to know about the product, and more importantly, take the decision to buy it too!

Research from several organizations has shown that a product demonstration can encourage more than 41% of shoppers to buy a product. This is why discerning brands are willing to spend millions of dollars a year on in-store product demonstrations. The entire field has now diversified into more state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies that go beyond just handing out flyers or brochures. The latest techno…

Food Sampling For Greater Sales

A product demonstration is one of the most effective ways that the food and beverage industry has found to popularize new products and increase sales for older ones. When it comes to food and drink, people are always ready to spend money without any second thought. Still, it becomes difficult to get people to open their wallets when it comes to buying something totally new. This is because it is very easy to get into a comfort zone with certain products which have been used for years or even generations! To cause a disruption in this pattern and get people to venture out of this comfort zone and try something new is what companies are constantly striving for.

This is where food sampling comes into the picture. When people are given an opportunity to taste, see, smell, touch, or feel something new, there are very few people who would actually decline. As there is no commitment to buy the product, their natural curiosity gets the better of them and they venture out of thei…

ADC Demos For Better Customer Connect

ADC Demos has successfully conducted several shopping center promotions that have helped clients boost sales significantly. Whether it is a newly launched product or one that is quite a few years old and is slumping in sales, a product demonstration can change the course of its success graph in no time at all. For food and beverage products, for example, there is nothing like a well thought out food sampling to put life back into the product sales figures.

ADC Demos conducts interesting in-store demonstrations in the leading supermarket chains and retail giants as well as in your friendly neighborhood grocery store. Whether it is an international brand or a local brand, a product will definitely see better times ahead after a demonstration with ADC Demos. For those who are worried about their products sales lagging behind the competition, shopping center promotions designed by ADC Demos should do the trick and refresh sales once again.

ADC Demos employs a professional appr…

Product Demonstrations for Greater Brand Connect

Merchandising companies have been increasingly turning to professional firms that specialize in shopping center promotions and product demonstration. One of the leading firms in Australia which has received rave reviews for its innovative and eye catching demonstrations is ADC Demos. This firm has made its mark in the niche industry of product demonstrations through their well-planned and professionally executed promotional activities. From local brands to international brands, ADC Demos has helped to increase the revenue of many companies in a very short time by connecting the product to the customer in a very warm and personal manner. By doing this, they are able to evoke a greater sense of brand connect and brand loyalty in the customer, which leads them to making the choice to buy the brand, even if it is an entirely new one in an already saturated competitive market.

ADC Demos has been able to offer many merchandising companies a competitive edge over others through their smart a…

Product Demonstrations to Take Your Brand Further

A product demonstration is a very effective strategy for promoting a brand as well as its products or services or events. Merchandising companies usually undertake product demonstrations as part of shopping center promotions. This is something that requires a great deal of expertise, experience, creativity, and professionalism. Every step of the product demonstration, from the booth to the presentation, is important as it will determine the customer’s response to the product. The brand name of the company will also be highlighted and that too has to make an impression on the customer’s mind.

This is where ADC Demos can make a difference as well as a powerful impact. In the world of product demonstrations, ADC Demos has been providing customized solutions to a wide range of customers, ranging from multinational brands to local brands. The solutions provided by ADC Demos are always unique, innovative, and eye-catching. They have helped to considerably increase sales of products and ser…

Food Sampling Can Help Increase Sales

Companies who are launching a new product or service could see their product flying off the shelves within a very short time with the help of an attractive product demonstration by ADC. For companies that are wondering how to get their struggling products back on track to making profits, a combination of shopping center promotions and product demonstration by ADC will definitely work like magic. Companies that have food products would benefit from food sampling along with these product demonstrations by ADC to make their products stand out from the rest of the lot on the shelves.

Food sampling works very successfully to motivate customers to buy a product that may not normally be on their shopping list. It helps them to get out of their comfort zone and try something new-after all, its free, and most people would not mind getting a free sample! Also, this works better than other forms of advertising because it engages the shopper on a personal level because of the interaction with the…

Giving your Product Demonstration, an edge!

Business promotions are the lifeline of any and every business that not just breathe life into one’s business but also prolong and invigorate the same in the long run. There are various ways you can promote your business proactively and vigorously, so it is set on the pathway to a thundering success. Personal business promotions, offering human interaction and product demonstrations are a sure way to elevate your business to newer heights.

Small businesses gain immensely from such business promotions, in terms of their brand visibility and publicity in the market. Similarly, big-time ventures reap their own benefits of maintaining as well as reinforcing their brand image and dominance over their rivals.

ADC offers you its highly professional and competent services that support you in your business promotion activities in key business places and activities such as, business promotion booths and shopping centre promotions.

Our team of highly skilled and rigorously trained professionals br…

ADC: All about Product Demonstrations & shopping centre promotions in Australia

Want to get your brand into the market? Shopping centre promotions are a great way to take your brand’s new or improved products straight to the hands of the potential customers. For effective promotions you need enthusiastic and reliable staff who can aptly represent your brand. They should be smart & outgoing, knowing how to lure prospects into buying a product.

The idea is to attract customers and shopping centre promotions are carried out by organising various interesting events as competitions, raffles, free gifts with purchase, discount coupons, interactive shows and so on. The ultimate aim is to drive customers to your store.

Merchandising companies also use product demonstrations when it comes to showcasing products to clients. An effective product demonstration can effectively engage visitors and inform them about the unique selling features of a product. Product demonstrations form an integral part of promotions and score as they involve all the five senses …