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Food Sampling Can Improve Sales

Retailers are not keeping any stones unturned to earn better returns. To reap the benefits, vendors are opting for various marketing and promotional strategies. Interestingly, these have really paid off well. And as a result other vendors have followed suit too.

Among the various marketing strategies, food sampling is one of the many tricks of the trade as it can rightly be called. Let us delve deeper into the same.

Benefits of Food Sampling

Check out the following-
If your brand has introduced a new food product and you want your consumers to know about it, there is no better way than to make them taste it while you are right in front. As a representative of the brand, you are in a better position to get feedback right away. The facial expression is perhaps the best way to ‘decipher’ whether the consumer has liked it or not.
In case you find that the customer is not very happy about it, be prompt enough to note down the improvements that your product requires. Get the suggest…

Role of Spruiking in Shopping Centre Promotions

You must have come across many stores with kiosks or banners that scream right into your face words like “Customer satisfaction is our priority”. And this must be the case if you really want to stand out from your competitors. It is all about shopping centre promotions.

In this regard, let us emphasize on spruiking and how important it is for enhancing image of a shopping centre. The write-up will cover the following topics-
What is Spruiking?Why Spruiking is Important?How to go About It?Let us take one topic at a time and discuss about it in brief.

What is Spruiking?
In retail marketing, spruiking is an effort to interact directly with customers to promote brands and their products. This is usually done by spruikers that are hired only for this purpose. They must have excellent convincing ability so that they are able to convert prospective customers into buyers. It is an art and requires patience and perseverance to speak to customers that are of varying temperament.

Why Spruiking is …