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Shopping centre promotions – The best marketing technique

Today, most of the advertising and marketing is done through online media. But, there is something that holds back customers from buying the products they view online. It doesn’t matter, to them to let go of the discounts and instead walk to a nearby store to check out the product physically. Some products- services marketing simply don’t work solely with online means of advertising. The marketing companies and agencies are using both online and offline modes to do the best marketing promotions for company products.

The best places where people can actually see and feel the products are the malls or any stationary place where people can walk. The Product Demonstration is an idea through which demonstrators demonstrate their product use, show them how it is used, when and where it can be used and how buying the product can greatly benefit them.

How the shopping centre promotion help
Most customers today are buying impulsively as far as the product looks appealing to them. So for brands, …