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The power of Product Demonstration!!

Product demonstration and shopping centre promotions act as a powerful tool to help promote your products in supermarkets and big retail stores. Today when you walk into any departmental store, you are greeted by product specialists with smiling faces. Merchandising companies across the globe are now utilizing the power of product demonstration that gives prospects a chance to try a product in a no pressure atmosphere.

Product demonstrations involve the five human senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. They engage the heart and mind of the prospect and motivate them to actually take the action. 
Expert demonstrations go a long way in enhancing brand awareness and helping address product related concerns.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of product demonstration

Creates Interest
Especially applicable to products where design features are the prime selling points as in case of fashion, toys, furnishings, electronics and more. Customers want to touch, feel and operate such produc…

Take products straight to prospects with a professional product demonstration Company in Sydney

Product demonstration has become an integral part of marketing and more and more merchandising companies are using demonstrations & shopping center promotions to take their products to the prospective customers.  Shopping centre promotions are generally performed at large retail outlets as shopping malls and supermarkets and aim at luring prospects with interesting events, free giveaways, discount coupons and gifts with every purchase.

Product demonstrations are all about interactive sales presentation of products that includes video presentations or providing prospects with test samples. The technique works great when used to introduce a new product or new versions of an existing product in the market.

Here are some of the key benefits of product demonstration:

Helps In Positioning your Brand:
Effective product demonstrations can help in brand positioning. Make your product stand out uniquely within the competitive retail space!

Attracts and Engages:
Great product demonst…

Why Product Demonstration acts as a great sales tool?

Tell your customers about a product and they will remember it for some time but when you show them the features of a product and inform them how they can actually benefit from the product, the message is retained in their minds for a longer time.
A great product demonstration involves customers, educates them about the product and convinces them about how buying the product can benefit them. Merchandising companies across the world are using product demonstration and shopping centre promotions to attract and entice customers. The idea is to induce prospective customers to buy a new product or improved version of an existing product.
Some of the benefits of a great demonstration or shopping centre promotion include: Creating interest about the productAddress queries and concerns of prospectsGive a sense of ownership to prospects by involving the five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Conducting a flawless product demonstration is not as simple as it may seem. Standing in fr…

Popular Promotional Techniques merchandising companies use

Online shopping may be on a constant rise yet the brick and mortar store is still flourishing no less. For businesses, relying on a physical store this is great news. However, to ensure uninterrupted footfalls at their stores, it is important to give customers a memorable purchasing experience and for this, smart retailers are adapting to changing merchandising trends.

Merchandising companies use several techniques starting from product demonstration to shopping centre promotions and food sampling techniques to attract and convert prospects converting them to customers.
It is important to understand why customers choose physical retail outlets over online shopping. It is all about engaging the five human senses. People want to touch, taste, smell, see and hear about the products before they decide to make a purchase. All of this is often not possible when buying online. Merchandising companies try and use this to their advantage by creating product displays and design de…

Effective demonstrations and shopping centre promotions

When you are thinking of promoting a new product into the market, it’s a smart idea to hire the services of a product demonstration company that can create an effective campaign to introduce your product in the market and improve sales.

It is important that your product demonstration company takes time to understand the uniqueness of every product that it promotes.

Merchandising companies use various techniques for promotions. These include, in store demonstration, merchandising, food sampling, and shopping centre promotions. Before you opt for a service, it is important to understand how each of them can be effective for your brand or business.

In store demonstrations involve an attractive display of the product with a promotional table lay out that will create awareness about your new product to consumers along with various innovative posters, t-shirts or caps talking about the product.

Shopping centre promotions are large promotions that require multiple employees. Condu…

Utilize the power of Product Demonstration to boost sales

Product demonstration is one of your most important tools when it comes to promoting your product to your prospects. Merchandising companies offer various promotional techniques as product demonstration, food sampling and more to create interest, inform and educate consumers about new or improved version of existing products. Effective product demonstration techniques can transform a prospect into an actual buyer.

Food Sampling: Food sampling technique as the name suggests is about distribution of food samples in malls, hypermarkets and other busy areas.

Offering free samples can be of great benefit as it gives your prospects a chance to taste your product, ask questions that come instantly after tasting an item and also help you gather crucial feedback.

In –store product demonstration technique
In store product demonstration applies to any product that you want your consumer to have a more hands on experience to create interest. Rather than hearing a stale sales pitch, consumers are al…

Product demonstrations serve as a powerful tool

Designing a successful product demonstration!Author: steave waught
Product demonstrations serve as a powerful tool when it comes to convincing your prospective customers how they can benefit from a particular product.

Remember a successful product demonstration goes beyond simply highlighting the features of a product. The focus needs to be on the benefits a consumer investing in that product will enjoy.

When done properly and correctly, a product demonstration not only can educate & inform your customers about the features of your product but also connect the dots translating these features into actual benefits. After all this is what a buyer is interested in, right?
Food sampling also serves as an effective merchandising technique. Here free samples of the product mainly eatables or personal grooming products are distributed to customers visiting the store or roaming across in the locality or mall where your store is located. The idea is to lure customers so that they visit your s…

Merchandising: The tact of getting the product to the prospective customer

Merchandising companies try out various activities to promote sale of retail goods. From display techniques, product demonstrations, offers, free samples to innovative point of sale methods- all aim at luring the prospective customer into making a purchase.

Merchandising encompasses the entire planning process from choosing the right product to be promoted to carrying out effective promotion at the right place, right time & right price.

In retail, visual display merchandising techniques are getting popular. These involve intelligent product designs, packaging and display to stimulate prospective customers to invest in the product.
These are accompanied by attractive offers, discounts, free sampling, smart presentation and effective product demonstrations.

Food sampling is a tested method when it comes to food products. Counters offering free samples and allowing customers to taste the food item before buying have retained their popularity.

Product demonstrations aim at introducing…