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Product demonstrations serve as a powerful tool

Designing a successful product demonstration!

Author: steave waught
Product demonstrations serve as a powerful tool when it comes to convincing your prospective customers how they can benefit from a particular product.

Remember a successful product demonstration goes beyond simply highlighting the features of a product. The focus needs to be on the benefits a consumer investing in that product will enjoy.

When done properly and correctly, a product demonstration not only can educate & inform your customers about the features of your product but also connect the dots translating these features into actual benefits. After all this is what a buyer is interested in, right?
Food sampling also serves as an effective merchandising technique. Here free samples of the product mainly eatables or personal grooming products are distributed to customers visiting the store or roaming across in the locality or mall where your store is located. The idea is to lure customers so that they visit your store.

How to conduct a great product demonstration? Well, standing in front of a crowd and speaking about a product is not simple as it may sound. A demonstrator needs to possess intrinsic knowledge of the product along with great presentation and sales techniques.

Here are some tips that can help you create a product demonstration that gives a boost to your sale.

Know your product:

Yes it's crucial that you know your product inside out. Put yourself into the shoes of a prospective buyer and try finding answers to any questions that come to your mind when you see a new product. Familiarise yourself with each and every element of a product, every button and every link. You increase chances of sales manifold when you come across as a confident and competent demonstrator to your audience.

Keep it simple and straight:

Keep your demonstrations simple. Remember a feature heavy demo often gives an impression to customers that the product is complex in usage and may not draw many positive responses. Pick a few high value features and highlight them.

Tie your demonstration with your customer's needs:

The idea is to showcase your product as a solution or aid to your customer's problems. Every feature that you demonstrate must in some form offer value to the prospective buyer.

Prepare a script:

It's important that the part that you spend talking about a particular feature is in tune with the time it takes to execute that particular feature.

Practice & More Practice:

Before you demonstrate your product to a customer make sure you rehearse your script multiple times. You may want to practice at the actual location and try answering questions posed by support staff.

Last but not the least, Avoid Repetition:

Repetition never adds credibility rather makes your product demonstration lengthy and boring. Avoid demonstrating any product feature twice unless asked by your potential customer.

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