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Merchandising: From packaging to effective product promotions!

Merchandising companies are involved in almost everything that you see when you visit a retail store. From installation and setup of your store to displays and signs used, to promotional methods employed- all are looked after by merchandising companies.

Entice your prospective buyers with effective product demonstrations: If you are launching a new product or an improved version of an existing product, shopping centre promotions and product demonstrations are the ideal choice. These techniques are a great way to get your product into the market and into the hands of your customers.
What role does an effective product demonstration play? As part of the marketing mix, an effective product demonstration helps in introducing a new product or new versions of a product into the marketplace. The basic idea is to attract the prospect by showcasing the product and letting him touch, feel and experience the product. A great product demonstrator will use tact, knowledge and smart sales techniqu…