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The Importance of ‘Product Demonstration’

The main purpose of ‘product demonstration’ is to boost sales among the target audience. It includes interactive ‘sales presentations’ like offering ‘test samples’ to customers and showing them creative product video presentations. This innovative ‘marketing technique’ includes new product introduction in retail markets like ‘mass merchandise’ outlets by attracting customers to ‘demonstration booths’.

The Advantages of Product Demonstration
Helps in Brand Positioning:  The main objective of ‘brand positioning’ is making customers acquainted with the exclusive features of products. ‘Product demonstration’ in retail outlets enables the producers to communicate with the customers directly related to the benefits and attributes of the different products. Brand positioning enables a product to gain visibility in a competitive market.
Educating the Customers: During product demonstrations, customers can thoroughly check the different products. For instance, in flower shops, customers can ge…

How is Product Demonstration Helpful in Boosting Sales?

Product demonstration as a marketing tool is a very effective and successful approach. It helps to create awareness among people by direct interaction and not through any media. Immediate feedback and responses are the main benefits of this form of an advertisement among others.

Creates Interest and Awareness
Consumers are always keen to try a product before actually purchasing it. Product demonstrations help them to understand the product with all its key features or quality. It is a privilege to be able to see, feel and smell a product before buying in today’s times of online shopping. The visual appeal of the product may entice customers to buy it also.

Sense of Ownership
This holds true in the cases of big appliances or cars where, as a part of the demonstration, the customer gets to physically use the product. Getting a demonstration on a massage recliner or sitting behind the wheels of a car gives a first-hand experience to prospective buyers. Australia Demonstration Company advoca…