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Conceptualizing The Shopping Centre Promotions for Creating Brands

A beautiful product is of no use if one cannot create a market to sell it. Each product calls for different marketing strategy. One needs to understand the consumer needs before making marketing plan. Generating smart ideas for developing campaign strategy is much easier if one knows the objective one is trying to achieve. One needs to develop innovative selling points, there are various criteria suggested by Australia Demonstration Company
Publicity of productPublic relations/communicationsPersonal sales by the sale representativesSales promotions that are inclusive of tastings and demonstrations happening in-store and at the eventsThese are unpaid direct promotion through stands and giveaways at eventsParticipation in the trade showsDirect advertisingVia website Along the promotional materials like- brochures, presentations, point of sale, fliersLeverage to a unique insight for target— for example if one e-caters to fashion industry with limited time and budget then creating a progr…