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Product Demonstrations That Make a Difference

Merchandising companies often find themselves struggling to revive sales for a product or to entice customers to buy a newly launched product. They might find that even after investing a great deal in all kinds of promotional activities, from advertisements in print and electronic media to social media and digital forms of marketing, there is still a slump in sales or sales aren’t growing as projected. In scenarios like this, it is but natural to wonder what would be the next best step to get customers to know about the product, and more importantly, take the decision to buy it too!

Research from several organizations has shown that a product demonstration can encourage more than 41% of shoppers to buy a product. This is why discerning brands are willing to spend millions of dollars a year on in-store product demonstrations. The entire field has now diversified into more state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies that go beyond just handing out flyers or brochures. The latest technologies are being used to provide shoppers with a five-sensorial experience that is immersive and captivating, so that they are more than ready to buy the product by the time the demonstration ends.

ADC Demos specializes in the kind of demonstrations that have made a difference to the sales figures of multinational corporations as well as local brands. Whether it is a new product or an already launched one, in-store demonstrations can help revive interest and refresh sales.

Product demonstrations are planned in an innovative and methodological way so that all the factors that would contribute to the interest of consumers is taken into account. They show customers how a product can be used; in ways they may never have thought about before. So they help people open their minds to a new idea or product and motivate them to come out of their comfort zone and try something new. For human beings, the biggest hurdle is the comfort that comes from familiarity.

People have to be gently nudged to try out a brand which is different from something that has been used for years. This is why product demonstrations are so successful. They bring to life a product that would otherwise just languish lifelessly on the shelves. They beckon people to buy it and become comfortable with it, thus breaking the barriers in their mind. Product demonstrations can be said to break the ice between the consumer and the brand!


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