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4 Ways To Improve Food Sampling Demonstrations

Many companies provide food samplings to customers for shopping centre promotions. Contrary to popular belief, this is an excellent marketing strategy for spreading brand awareness. It is no doubt providing free samples would cost you some extra money but when done right, brands can make even more through this endeavour.

You can tell your customers how the food tastes like or in what ways should it be prepared in order to get the best results. However, this is nothing compared to when the customers can touch, smell and taste the item for themselves and find some proof.

Here are a few ways in which companies can improve their food sampling demonstrations to better impress their customers.

Keeping It Simple
While handing food samplings it is necessary to give only a simplified explanation to go with it. Explaining too many details either gives the impression that the food item requires a lot of complex steps to prepare or worse case, results in the customers getting intimidated and not understanding anything.

The best way to tackle the situation is to only explain the key features of the product in a simple way. This makes the item sound more interesting and does a good job of explaining the customers about its features.

Repeating The Point
The easiest way to bore someone is by repeating your point over and over. They are even less likely to try out your product that way. Repetition does not add any additional credibility to the product, so it is better off being avoided. Instead, you can explain by bringing out some other features of the product. People are always interested in new things.

Do Not Forget To Put A Notice On Social Media

Giving out food samples does not mean just standing around in the store. There are many subtle parts to marketing that can be taken advantage of for promoting your brand, social media is one of them. Remember to put out some details about the samples being given out. Mentioning about the samples on social media can help a lot in spreading the word among more people. People love free food so you would get a good chance to advertise about the brand.

Allow Customers To Participate

While demonstrating a recipe, for instance, you would need to be really flexible. Sometimes a customer might ask you to let them try out something. While it is much easier to stay true to the script and say no, the brand can really gain some good points if you let the customers interact with you and even try out some things. This helps in improving brand-trust and promotes brand loyalty among customers.

It is important to remember that talking to the customer in a way that you explain to them how the product affects them is way more influential than when you just talk about its functions. Giving out food samplings is a great idea for market promotion and worth a try.


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